Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Growing Cities: Who's Your Farmer?

In case you missed it, Growing Cities proved to be extremely inspiring, demonstrating that it does not matter how little space you may have to grow...with the will there is a way.  From hanging window hydroponic systems in plastic water bottles to rooftop and window box gardens, the film highlighted the diversity of the urban farm, and just how far we can take it!  In an urban-edge town such as Brookline, it is extremely important to remember that even in the smallest spaces, with soil, water and sunlight edibles will grow.
In addition to the many farms across the country highlighted in Growing Cities, here are a few located right in the Boston area: Sited within Fenway Park, provides fresh, organic fruits and vegetables to those dining at Fenway's EMC Club restaurant. Located in the Seaport neighborhood of South Boston, Higher Ground Farm's rooftop garden grows greens, herbs, tomatoes and more! Finally, B. Good in conjunction with is growing at eight different locations in the greater Boston area! They incorporate the tomatoes they grow into their salads, the kale into their smoothies and quinoa bowls, and the mint into their smoothies.
If you are interested in testing out your green thumb and planting some edibles of your own, The Edible Balcony by Alex Mitchell provides excellent advice and innovative ideas on how to get to get started!
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